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Branding opportunities in focused shorter term packages. Reduce risk while maximising exposure and value.

Traditional Sponsorship

Instant Sponsorship

  • Provides

    Just in time branding available in short term sponsorship opportunities.

  • Creates

    An open marketplace to purchase sponsorships in line with marketing goals and budgets.

  • Attracts

    A larger pool of sponsors allowing small and large firms to compete

  • Enables

    You to capitalise on an Teams good form and allowing sponsors to align during key moments in a season

Year round opportunities in a range of sports and locations.

  • "This was a very cost effective approach, to buying exposure in the lucrative sports marketing arena."
    Plan B
  • "Having freedom of choice and flexibility was a great feature and we highly recommend Instant Sponsor."
    Insight Enterprises
  • "The Cosi logo on (Juan Carlos) Ferrero's shirt was very clear and it was a great thrill to see it each time."
    Cosi Australia