Instant Sponsor

About Us

Your Sponsorship Solution Across the World of Sports and Entertainment.

Instant Sponsorship and the simplicity of matching world class athletes with short-term sponsorship solutions was born as Anthony pioneered traditionally inaccessible global marketing to brands big and small.

Instant Sponsor is an online auction for premium sports and entertainment sponsorship packages. At Instant Sponsor we align your business to a team or professional athlete that embodies your brand values and shares your audience demographic. Location, audience profile or just on a winning streak; motivation is personal, the opportunity is limitless.

Instant Sponsor identifies the limitations in long-term sports sponsorship. High cost commitments and inefficiencies make it inaccessible for many brands when it needn’t be. Instant Sponsor provides the solution, by allowing your business to brand athletes, teams and events in line with YOUR strategy and instantly increase visibility.

Tailored Service

Browse teams, players and events that fit YOUR brand’s key demographic using up-to-the-minute key data on audience profile including location, age, martial status, income and ethnicity as well as team and player rankings and audience’s ‘most watched’ games.

Pre-book according to your annual budget and receive your FIRST choice sponsorship packages or, place a last minute bid with unexpected surplus and see how hard that money can really work.