Instant Sponsor

How it Works

Why Instant Sponsor

Instant Sponsor is an integrated system that incorporates industry-leading tools and ROI metrics into a vast catalogue of available and live inventory across numerous platforms in sports and entertainment. Instant Sponsor allows agencies and sponsors to search and sponsor/ brand teams, athletes and events in a cost- effective, efficient and scalable way allowing to diversify add spend and achieve outsized ROI.
  • Match your company marketing brief to relevant opportunities locally, domestically and abroad.
  • Filtering criteria for inventory allowing search over budget, time, asset type, sport, geography
  • Campaign build & discovery tool
  • Campaign consultant enables the ability to outsource all of the leg-work to the Instant Sponsor team

Advantages for Sponsors, Agencies / Media Buyers'

  • Strategic access to targeted audience local, national and global
  • Diversification of ad spend with consistent ROI
  • Potential to identify highly cost-effective media strategies targeting undervalued assets
  • Access for sponsors of all sizes
  • Ability to build campaigns and scale at the touch of a button
  • Manage all clients in system and enables agencies to send campaigns to clients for review/approval assets

Advantages for Teams, Rights holders

  • Efficient inventory management - (i) increase revenues through inventory sale, (ii) efficient use of sales team
  • Lead generating tool - access to a larger pool of sponsors
  • Improved transaction efficiency - real time closing on deals
  • Access to more diversifies sponsor profile - size, demographic and time-frame
  • Message/communicate with relevant sponsor
  • Post opportunities direct to industry specific sponsors as they come available