All the features from the PAR package.
ONEDER in APP branding to showcase SPONSOR’S latest products and offers to every person that enters the ONEDER Shot. There will be a link/API to the SPONSOR’S ecommerce page offering a promo code for ONEDER users.
Exclusive Prizes and Giveaways, SPONSOR will be the Exclusive Year 1 footwear partner of the ONEDER Shot Qualifying event that will run for 12 months. Our prize structure is such that it includes p2p groups, winners by city, state and region, gamifying the qualifying experience for all no matter where they are in the world.
Mobile Simulator Partner. Dryvebox, the mobile TrackMan company we have targeted to drive press and awareness by targeting high traffic locations (Wall Street, Las Vegas Strip) and special events (Kentucky Derby, US Open) to have people qualify. This includes promotional models being dressed by SPONSOR. 5 Dryvebox press days planned across the US.
Simulator location Partner. Through TrackMan simulator locations such as Five Iron Golf and their 16 locations in the US where we include SPONSOR branding, products and giveaways in select locations to contest winners
TrackMan Qualifying screen partner to include SPONSOR branding on screen and link through to ecommerce via TrackMan.